This is What it's Like: CD
  • This is What it's Like: CD

This is What it's Like: CD

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Physical copies of the album, "This is What it's Like" are available at the link below. Signed copies also available upon request. These are 6-page CD digipacks which include a variety of art depicting the adventures of John Casey Erwin & friends. Limited copies so order now!

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John Casey Erwin

John was born and raised in Burkeville, Texas. During his early years, his artistic identity was shaped by his upbringing in church and his father's musical influence. A singer/songwriter who wishes nothing more than to capture sound as does a photographer capture a picture. It was not until his first psychedelic experience that he realized his genuine passion for music.

John recently released his latest album, "This is What It's Like," inviting listeners to self-discovery. This album, recorded at Red Rock Recordings in Colorado Springs, Colorado, represents the culmination of his artistic development & self-discovery. In addition, it also showcases his musical vision and how much he has grown as an artist. "This is What It's Like" was inspired by a mix of progressive pop and rock, and the artist's style shines through in each engaging track.

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